Iceland 2018 November 2018

In November of 2018 I traveled for the second time to the southern coast of Iceland with some people from university. This time I prepared myself a lot better with the knowledge from last year and took some ND and Pol filters with me. Thus I was able to chose my shots and compositions much more carefully, what finally led to much stronger images as you can see below.

Unfortunately it was very cloudy and windy, therefore we couldn't see the Aurora Borealis aside from one small opportunity after our arrival when wo drove from the airport to the accomodation. But the whole nature of Iceland is such a stunning experience hence no regrets on this side.

I made some new friends and hiked some incredible paths with my awesome friend Jennifer. I had such a great time and Iceland will forever be one of my most loved countries on earth.

No northern lights, but a stunning view at the Milky Way galaxy!

I played with my new ND filters in this little lake at the Þjóðvegur road.

The magic Gljúfrafoss canyon, also known as Elvescanyon.

We met a ranger at the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon who told us, that the Eldhraun lava field was created in one of the greatest vulcanic eruptions in recorded history in 1784. Today the lava is completely overgrown with some spongy kind of moss which makes up for a huge wet and quiet mossfield.

Glowing yellow greenhouses in the small town of Reykholt.

Iceland has such a stunning landscape and amazing contrast of warm and cold and wet and dry.